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Corporate profile
Wheel Masters
Company Name Wheel Masters (Pvt) Limited
Business Registration Number PV67604
Vat Number 114676047-7000
Address 514/A3a, Maithreepala Senanayake Mw, Anuradhapura Sri Lanka
Telephone / Fax 025-4651651 / 025-4581232
E-mail info@wheelmasters.biz
Web www.wheelmasters.biz
Year of Commencement  2009
Total No of Employees 160 up to Date
Bankers Commercial Bank of Ceylon, Anuradhapura Branch
Auditors W.R Rodrigo & Co.

“To be as a role model to grant innovative approach in the motor care industry in the rural areas and diversify into new avenues while branding the company at national and international level”


“To reach 200 employee mark in 2020 with opening of five branch stations in the island and Overseas”

Ms.Vineetha Piyatilake
Directors Profile
Mr.Amal Piyatilake
Managing Director

He holds several positions of the following companies/organizations and has more than 25 years’ experience in service sector,


  • Chairman – Ceylon Miracle Hotels Ltd.
  • Managing Director – P.S.Piyatilake & Sons (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Managing Director – Wheel Masters (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Founder president/ Director – Anuradhapura District Chamber of Commerce.
  • Founder President – All Island Regional Chamber Presidents Forum.
  • Director-Happy Suwon Rest.
  • Member/ President – Rotary Club of Anuradhapura. / Rotary International
  • Secretary Sri Lanka Automobile Service Providers Association
  • Chief Organizer Anuradhapura District Automobile Service Providers Association
Directors Profile
Ms.P.Chandani Perera
Managing Director

She is a director of “Priyantha Motor Traders” a company do sales in Anuradhapura town in Tractor spares sector for 20 years up to date

Wheel Masters

APEA – Asia Pacific Emerging Entrepreneurship Award

TOYP – The Outstanding Young Person of Sri Lanka

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